The health care industry is struggling to produce the digital experiences customers expect across industries.

PwC's Experience Center was challenged to design and build a prototype health care providers could use to provide customers with a patient-centric digital and AI experience.

The prototype was to be showcased at a top health care conference (HIMSS).


3 months


Patients and outpatients


IxD / UX Strategy

Using PwC’s deep industry knowledge, we identified top patient pain-points to drive features

  • Auto-scheduling
  • Price transparency
  • Mobile check-in & pay
  • Wait-time estimator
  • Post-care instructions
  • Clinician messaging
  • Post-care instruction

The experience would be powered by an AI assistant named audrey

Our goal was to reduce the barriers of managing health care so patients can focus on being healthy.

Our persona had a relatable story that represented the difficulties of healthcare

Zea is a single mother with back pain, a hectic schedule, and new insurance.

Final story-based prototype

MVP of health institution implementation